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Effortlessly record and transcribe lectures, meetings, documents, news, or sports commentary into short summaries and notes.

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  • DaHelp Quest is a transformative learning app that prevents users from missing important content in lectures, meetings, news, or any other content.
  • It supports various media formats, including articles, videos, audios, PowerPoint slides, documents, equations, PDFs, and books.
  • It generates detailed summaries, offers automatic transcription, and provides a comprehensive tool for effectively capturing and processing information.

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DaHelp Quest Features

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Encouraging Critical Thinking

The DaHelp Quest app encourages them to expand their knowledge by asking more profound and thought-provoking questions.

Instant Questioning

Users can take pictures of textbooks or any other passage they wish to ask questions about and upload them to the app

Effortless Textbook Comprehension

The machine learning model will then extract the text from the image, provide a summary, detailed notes and transcript, and allow users to ask countless questions to fully comprehend the material.

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Voice functionality

Users can listen to responses, ask follow-up questions, and explore concepts further, all through the power of voice-based communication.

Whether you need to find specific data, reference a document, or obtain insights for your project, DaHelp Quest's voice functionality enables a seamless and efficient workflow, enhancing productivity and saving valuable time.

Enhanced Learning Experience

For students, Chat with PDF offers an unparalleled learning experience. By facilitating real-time discussions and Q&A sessions, it becomes a powerful tool for grasping complex concepts. Students can ask questions about key points, seek clarification on challenging topics, or request additional examples from the PDF, all in a conversational manner.

This feature fosters active learning, encouraging students to engage with the material and deepen their understanding. Additionally, the ability to engage in discussions and receive personalized responses enhances the overall learning experience, making studying more engaging and effective.

Optimized Workflow for Professionals and Researchers

Chat with PDF significantly improves the workflow and productivity of professionals and researchers. By enabling quick and specific questions related to their research or project, this feature accelerates information retrieval and saves valuable time. Rather than spending hours searching through lengthy PDFs, professionals can leverage the conversational interface to access critical information instantly.

The seamless integration of Chat with PDF into their workflow facilitates collaboration and knowledge sharing among colleagues, streamlining their processes and maximizing efficiency.

Advanced Equation Processing

DaHelp Quest includes advanced image processing designed explicitly for mathematical and physics equations. Users can upload images of equations, and our feature automatically recognizes and processes them, allowing for in-depth analysis and discussions within the conversation.

This functionality empowers students, professionals, and researchers to discuss complex formulas, perform calculations, or seek clarification on mathematical concepts. By seamlessly integrating equation processing into the conversation, Chat with DaHelp Quest takes equation-based discussions to a new level, enabling a deeper understanding of mathematical and physics principles.

Articles Processor

Experience the power of Al-driven content analysis on DaHelp Quest With our cutting-edge technology, you can now transform any article into a comprehensive text summary and detailed notes effortlessly. Simply provide the article link from your desired website, and our Al engine will work its magic to generate concise summaries and thorough notes, saving you valuable time and effort. Whether you're a researcher, student, or simply looking to extract key insights from lengthy articles, DaHelp Quest is your ultimate tool for efficient information extraction.

Try it out today and unlock the potential of hassle-free content analysis!

PowerPoint files Processor

Welcome to DaHelp Quest where unlocking the potential of your presentations has never been easier! Our innovative platform offers you the ability to effortlessly transform any presentation link into a treasure trove of valuable information. Simply input the presentation link, and watch as our advanced Al technology generates not only the text but also concise summaries and comprehensive notes. Whether you're a professional, student, or anyone seeking to distill the essence of a presentation, DaHelp Quest empowers you to do so with unparalleled ease and efficiency.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to harness the power of Al for your content analysis needs. Give it a try today and experience a new level of presentation comprehension!

Word files Processor

Discover the future of document analysis with our Al-powered website feature. Experience unparalleled convenience by simply uploading a word document, and watch as our Dahelp Quest Al technology transforms it into a treasure trove of insights. From comprehensive text details that break down complex content, to succinct summaries that capture the essence in seconds, and insightful notes that highlight key sections - our tool does it all, revolutionizing how you interact with documents. Whether you're a student aiming for efficient study sessions, a professional seeking rapid information absorption, or a researcher hunting for critical data, our Al-driven functionality empowers you to extract maximum value from every document effortlessly.

Embrace the ultimate in accuracy, time-saving, and comprehension, as our Al effortlessly converts word document into text, summary and detailed notes

Targeting Students

Are you a student feeling stressed and overwhelmed by the number of lectures and reading materials you have to keep up with regularly?
With our innovative app, you can now ace your classes without any fuss.

Our transcription feature records and transcribes all your lectures for you, providing you with a comprehensive text transcript and summary allowing you to fully digest the material at your own pace.

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Targeting Business People

Are you a business person looking to optimize your work productivity? Fed up with time-consuming meeting schedules and an extensive list of emails that overwhelms your inbox every day?

Our app provides you with a solution allowing you to optimize your time and increase your productivity.

Empower your knowledge with
DaHelp Quest.

The app is an innovative tool that allows users to effortlessly record and transcribe lectures, meetings, news, or sports commentary.

By using the app, users can ensure that they do not miss any essential information, even if they are unable to attend the actual event.

The app boasts additional functionality, which includes the ability to interact with the transcribed text and ask questions about the topic covered. This feature not only helps users to understand the content better but also encourages them to expand their knowledge by asking more profound and thought-provoking questions.

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Plans that fit your need

5 Days free trial period on signup! Cancel subscription anytime.








  • Image upload functionality.
  • Summary generation of transcribed text.
  • Unlimited interactive Q&A feature with the transcribed text.
  • Upload word document to generate Transcript, Summary and Notes
  • Audio upload & recording (30 minute)
  • Generate Quizzes and Flashcards.








  • All features included in the Basic plan.
  • Response playback audio.
  • Generate Quizzes and Flashcards.
  • Audio upload & recording (120 minute)
  • Upload word document or Article Link to generate Transcript, Summary and Notes
  • Upload PowerPoint Presentation to generate Transcript, Summary and Notes
  • Upload Youtube Link, to generate Transcript, Summary and Notes









  • All features included in the Standard plan.
  • Speech feature that allows users to ask questions using their voice instead of typing by text.
  • Multiple images one transcript & summary.
  • Convert images with mathematical equations to text.
  • DaHelp PDF: Upload PDF and Books to ask questions, generate summaries and notes about it.
  • Upload multiple images to generate Transcript, Summary and Notes.
  • Upload YouTube links, Article links, or PowerPoint Slide to generate Transcript, Summary and Notes

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