How To Use The App

  1. Download and install the DaHelp Quest app on your device (phone, tablet, or computer) or login on our website.
  2. When starting the application, users will first see a welcome screen instructing them to sign up or log in.
  3. After logging in, users will see the main dashboard, where they can see a list of recorded lectures or meetings or upload an image of a passage or textbook they wish to understand better.
  4. To record a lecture or meeting, press the record button on the app's home screen, and your device will start recording the session as audio.
  5. When the recording is complete, the DaHelp Quest app will transcribe the audio into text, providing you with a text transcript for the lecture or meeting along with a summary.
  6. Once transcribed, you can review the text transcript and interactively ask questions about the topics covered in the lecture or meeting.
  7. To use the image functionality, take a picture of the passage or textbook, then upload it to the DaHelp Quest app. The machine learning model will extract the text from the image, provide you with a summary of the material, and allow you to ask questions and receive answers.
  8. You can continue building your knowledge every day with the app, recording new lectures or meetings and asking more profound questions based on the topic.
  9. When you have completed a session or image upload, you can save it in the app for future reference or export it to other platforms for further analysis.

Frequently Asked Questions

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